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Finding your perfect North Carolina mountain cabin home is easier than you think…if you know where and how to look.

Here’s a quick guide about finding your mountain home:

Know where to look

The first step is to know where to look. Many listing sites have a category for mountain cabin homes in North Carolina. If you Google: “NC mountain cabins for sale” you may find what you’re looking for, but depending on where you live, what you’ve searched in the past, and your cookie settings, you may not get the results you’re looking for.

As you consider your NC mountain home and begin your search, here are a few tips you can follow:

1. Make a list of realtors and homes

Start by making a list of all the realtors in your area who sell North Carolina mountain cabin homes. This list will help you with your search.

2. Make a list of favorite homes

Keep a running list of URLs of homes and properties you like. You can also save the URL of the search on the website so it’s easy to look over new results. Keep these in a continued list on a Word document or Google Doc. More the better! Remember, you’re in the brainstorming phase. It’s better to have too many mountain houses to choose from than too few.

3. Scratch off the list as you go

As properties are claimed or you no longer think it’s a good fit, cross it off the list. A few homes crossed off a list of 20 feels a lot better than a few crossed off a list of five — it’s better to have multiple options at the beginning of your search!

Know your price-point

As you build your house list, narrow it down by price. Set the desired median price-point in your mind (not the highest price you can pay) and look with that number in mind. If you look at mountain cabins with the highest price you can pay, you may pigeonhole yourself at a high price point. Be modest in your search.

Inquire about the mountain cabin

Sometimes listings don’t tell the whole story. Inquire by sending a message or email to the realtor or owner to ask for additional information. They may have a pamphlet or FAQ page with details about cabin you can look over.

Ask for a tour of the mountain cabin home

Once you find the mountain cabin you want to tour, send a message to the realtor or owner to ask for a time to do a walk-through. Depending on the demand, you may be able to get in that day or the next day.

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Best amenities to have in a cabin

It’s great to have the typical amenities in a mountain cabin home. Below are a few of the most popular ones you may enjoy, too:

1. Air-conditioning/heating

Some mountain cabins do not have air conditioning because they’re at higher elevations. This is an important question to ask if you’re thinking about buying a mountain cabin home to live in.

2. Fire pits

When you think “mountain home” you think of campfires, right? Firepits are very popular among cabin homes. Consider if you want one already installed or if you simply want to purchase a portable one from the hardware store.

3. Jacuzzis

There’s not a better feeling than sitting in a hot tub overlooking the mountains on a cool, snowy afternoon. Consider if you want a jacuzzi on your back porch in your mountain cabin home.

4. High electricity voltage

It may sound silly, but not all mountain cabins have high electricity voltage. If too many items are plugged into the outlets at once, it may flip a breaker or blow a fuse. If you’re unsure about wattage in your mountain home, ask an electrician to look over the internal wiring.

5. Storage

Will storage space be an issue in your mountain cabin home? Not all mountain homes have large areas for storage. You may only have a closet or small storage space under a bed. Consider all the things you want to bring to the mountain home.

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