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Are you hearing the siren song of the mountain life? It is possible that now that you are aware of some of the necessities for living in the mountains, you will find it easier to decide whether or not you could envision yourself living in the mountains of Ashe County. If you have made the decision that this is the place you want to relocate to, plant some roots, have a family, retire, or do anything else, the real estate professionals at Landmark are more than pleased to assist you in finding the home in Ashe County that is ideal for you and your loved ones. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to get started. In the meantime, you can start planning out what you’re going to do first when you get here by checking up hiking routes, waterfalls, and other outdoor attractions online. Simply giving us a call will provide you with a briefing that is nevertheless packed with useful information about our region. Because real estate decisions last a lifetime, let Landmark guide you.

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about any of the locations where we have vacation rentals available. Our team of experienced real estate brokers is more than delighted to assist you in finding a permanent residence in Ashe County so that you may become more familiar with the surrounding area. We have fallen in love with it, and we hope the feeling will be mutual!

Safer During a Pandemic

As the number of cases that are being reported around the world continues to show unsettling results, many families are looking into alternative living arrangements in order to stay safe and reduce the likelihood that they will become infected. The world’s mountains, no matter where they are located, consistently feature a significantly lower population density than the world’s major cities and therefore offer some of the most desirable settings for human habitation. To state the obvious, cities are a cesspool for infection, and the worst part is that you can’t escape it because of the close quarters. This is the worst part of living in a city. When people spend time communing with nature, they experience feelings of liberation, increased energy, and fantastic vitality; this trend will continue to rise along with the number of cases of infection.

It is indisputable that the mountains are a safer place to live than the cities, and they also provide a distinctive way of life in a COVID-19 world that many people are beginning to find more appealing. It might seem counterproductive to our social needs to cut ourselves off from other people, but the current precarious situation calls for extreme measures to guarantee the well-being of a large number of people. This virus has been a tremendous source of anxiety and risk for some people, resulting in the loss of loved ones and an endless void of chaos that appears to have no escape. When in doubt, escape to the mountains, where you can ensure your health by spending time in sparsely populated areas that are rich in the fresh air and offer a breathtaking view that fulfills all of your expectations. These getaways are especially helpful if you take advantage of food delivery services to stock up on supplies, as this will cut down on the amount of human contact you have during the quarantine period.

Even though secluding oneself in the mountains might not be the best choice for everyone, there has been a recent uptick in the number of people looking into alternatives like this for a variety of reasons other than the virus. There is something appealing about being in touch with nature, and perhaps one of the reasons why a virus of this magnitude is affecting us so severely is that we have indeed lost touch with ourselves by populating in cramped cities where the virus has a party all night long. Being in touch with nature is appealing. Moving to a mountainous area is one of the most effective ways to thwart the spread of COVID19 because it prevents the overpowering and aggressive transmission of the illness in settings where people are forced to congregate on a daily basis. Moving to a mountainous area, which has a reputation for increased safety, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for families who are looking for ways to improve their overall health and experience less illness in their day-to-day lives.

These individuals are extremely tactile in their strategy for survival, and we will see that it is being taken into consideration even more among the elderly population in order to minimize human contact. Isolation, which is required in order to preserve one’s physical health during a pandemic, is likely to be one of the aspects that presents the greatest amount of difficulty. We are social creatures, and when the routine of our everyday lives is thrown off, it can have a negative impact on us that accumulates over time. Moving to a more concentrated community in the mountains is a good idea because there are still people there with whom you can maintain social relationships and receive support during the crisis. With the availability of food delivery services, living apart from one’s family is more than capable of becoming a no-contact existence. A significant number of individuals are becoming aware of the importance of avoiding crowded areas, which are associated with an elevated risk of contracting COVID19.

Moving to a mountainous area is a long-term solution that can assist people who struggle with isolation without causing any negative side effects due to the breathtaking scenery. You no longer have to be afraid to go outside because the fresh air and being in nature are both beneficial to your health and stimulate your body’s natural healing processes. As a direct result of the pandemic, an increasing number of people are relocating to mountainous areas to take advantage of the numerous health benefits offered by mountain living. It is possible that the illness will become the new seasonal illness, which will require some individuals to make adjustments to their way of life. It’s possible that this is the safest choice for people of a certain age or those who already have health problems. It’s unfortunate to say this, but it’s possible that the routine of getting your morning coffee and newspaper at your favorite barista will soon come to an end. However, we can’t always predict what’s going to happen in the future. Despite this, a significant number of people are investigating the possibility of living in a mountainous environment.

During this ever-shifting and uncertain time of illness and death, many people feel as though they need a new beginning. There is nothing more uplifting than seeing a mighty mountain, and having one in your back yard can have a significant impact on a person’s mental state from one year to the next. People have reasoned that the best thing for their health would be to spend their time isolated in a setting as breathtaking as this one, away from other people. As soon as you breathe in that fresh mountain air for the first time, it becomes increasingly challenging to go back to the polluted air of the city. When you are exposed to higher-quality oxygen and are in the company of more forested areas, it can literally help to strengthen your immune system. The mountains are made more peaceful by the abundance of trees and other plants. You won’t have the impression of being confined here, and you’ll have the opportunity to go on an exciting journey far from the possibility of coming into contact with people who could be carriers of an infectious disease.

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