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North Carolina Mountain Cabins For Sale

The trees are naked, the ground is hard with frost, and the holidays are here, but it just seems like yesterday that we were diving into swimming holes and racing along lush mountain routes. It’s important to be thankful year-round, but those of us fortunate enough to call Western North Carolina home can’t help but take a moment to pause and marvel at the Blue Ridge Mountains right outside our windows. Six exciting and adrenaline-pumping reasons to be grateful for our mountain home in North Carolina.

We are all well aware that the highest mountain east of the Mississippi is located only 19 miles to the northeast of our town. However, how often do we take a moment to appreciate the incredibleness of knowing that everyone on the East Coast is underneath us while we sunbathe on the observation deck, 6,684 feet above sea level? The fact that we are having this picnic on the very throne of eastern North America seems almost unreal. Knowing that for a little period we stood hundreds of feet above everything and everyone, including those in the highest towers in New York City, we ride back into town for coffee, catch a movie, or continue our hiking adventure along the Mountains to Sea Trail.

One of the first state parks in the United States, Mt. Mitchell is also one of the most beautiful. Mt. Craig, the second-highest peak on the East Coast, and a number of other summits that rise to elevations of over 6,000 feet are all casually included. Short summit strolls sit alongside more strenuous ridgeline hikes and drive-by viewpoints, all of which offer breathtaking panoramas.

If you visited the East Coast’s highest point on Saturday, why not spend Sunday at its lowest? As the eastern region’s deepest canyon, Linville Gorge is a fantastic destination for daredevils. There are 11,786 acres of hiking, top-roping, multi-pitch climbing, bouldering, backpacking, backcountry camping, swimming holes, extremely difficult whitewater, and breathtaking views to be had in the Linville Gorge Wilderness, the third biggest wilderness area in North Carolina.

Wiseman’s View is one of the most stunning sunset spots in the South. You should get back in time to prepare dinner and watch some Netflix before night. For Asheville, that’s simply another day at the office. Just over an hour away, you’ll find Linville Gorge, also known as the “Grand Canyon of the East.” This breathtaking natural landmark should be reason enough to give thanks this Thanksgiving.

Those of us who make our homes in the mountains of Western North Carolina need never experience the misery of the yearly vacation countdown or the dreariness of returning to work after a week off. In the summer, people go to the swimming holes. Leaves change colors in the fall. Winter sports such as skiing, canoeing, and bouldering. A springtime hike. If you’re the type who finds joy in being outside, then Asheville is the perfect vacation spot for you at any time of the year.

It’s true that February has its fair share of gloomy days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go on exciting adventures. The rivers are roaring, the mountains are covered in fresh snow, and the icy holds at Rumbling Bald are as secure as ever; there’s no need to spend a lot of money on a tropical vacation. And if you ever feel the need for a short getaway, a farm cabin or country house is the perfect place to hide out for a couple of days.

Cabins For Sale, Blue Ridge Mountains

Nothing beats getting stuck in traffic while trying to reach the mountains. Some city inhabitants, seeing the irony of being stuck in gridlock while attempting to be off the grid, decide to forgo their weekend plans altogether. We do see some stop-and-go during rush hour, but that is to be expected in the largest city in Western North Carolina, Asheville. However, we seldom have to spend too much time stuck in traffic. The Blue Ridge Parkway is the longest national park in the United States, and it is home to many of our favorite parks and other outdoor recreation areas. One of the seven things you must do at a national park, according to Orbitz Travel, is to take a picturesque drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Not to worry, that’s exactly how we get to work every day.

We should all take a moment to appreciate how simple it is to find a romantic encounter with a dash of danger and excitement in the Blue Ridge Mountains. From Elk Mountain, you can see the city lights below as the early mist rises over the Shining Rock Wilderness. Sharing a sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway can fix any argument, and a picnic at Max Patch and a box of local chocolate truffles may seal any bargain. Love is in the air all year round in WNC, whether it’s through adventurous outings in the great outdoors or chilling in one of the many cool and quirky neighborhoods. There are two things that are crucial to living a happy and fulfilled life, and they are love and gratitude.

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