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Buying a cabin is a solid investment year-round if you do it well, whether you plan to use it in the summer, winter, or anywhere in between. A cabin can be more than just a comfortable retreat for your own getaways; it can also be a source of money if you chose to rent it out to others. To paraphrase one expert, “I believe the cabin investor should desire to purchase a cabin really for themselves first, but have it ready and adequately furnished to rent out when they are not using it.” If a cabin in the North Carolina mountains is something you’re interested in, our team is here to help you make an informed decision. Here are some suggestions to help you pick the best option. High Country Realty in West Jefferson offers cabins that could be your [potential forever home.

Imagine, as a property owner, the ideal cabin retreat: toasty fires, picturesque lake vistas, and old-world allure. It’s a change of scenery from the sameness of a condo or house, and instead provides the excitement of something new. It’s safe to conclude that a cabin with this personality would be a wise financial investment, especially because such properties tend to fetch high rates on the vacation rental market. As well as, the moment to buy is now. Not only has the average booking value for Evolve cabin rentals increased by 37% since the middle of 2021 but many of the finest spots to acquire a vacation rental right now are centered around rustic log structures.

Even while investments in popular tourist spots can yield high returns, you should weigh the associated expenses against your expected annual revenue before making any commitments. Markets with lower list prices, plentiful inventory, and worthwhile cap rates are what our Real Estate Services (RES) team recommends. Then, once all expenses have been accounted for, utilize our vacation rental revenue calculator to determine an accurate estimate of your profit margin. The good news is that most of the marketplaces for vacation cabin rentals are open year-round. For example, if you invest in the Poconos or the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can count on year-round interest and demand from vacationers. (Many people visit in the fall to view the changing leaves.)

There are a few ski areas that get relatively few visitors in the summer, but this is the exception rather than the rule (however it is important to note that most of the finest sites to buy a ski property do have multi-season value). Buying a cabin in a seasonal market can still be profitable, so long as you are aware that occupancy will drop once the ski season ends. Our Vacation Rental Market Analysis reports will help you determine the peak season for a wide range of cabin-friendly locations. The next step is to get in touch with our RES group for a personalized analysis of your investment choices.

Cabins offer a lot of historic charm, but they often require more upkeep before they are ready to be rented out. Before purchasing a cabin, our RES team highly recommends conducting extensive checks to determine the quality of the wood, insulation, and pest infestations (inevitable in woodsier locations). Although having a cabin in the woods may seem like a fantastic idea, if the roads leading to it are impassable, no tourists will ever arrange a stay there. The same holds true for a home in the mountains if a significant amount of snow falls and the roads become impassable. Our RES professionals emphasize the importance of the home’s ready accessibility to both visitors and approved service providers.

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Homes constructed primarily out of logs are known as “log homes” and are a distinct architectural style. Even while many log houses are meant for family use, they can still be fairly lavish and up-to-date. Log houses, or “log cabins,” have been common in many parts of the world, including Canada and North America, for millennia. Log houses were an integral element of the ‘log cabin and beyond’ pioneer culture, which had deep roots in colonial America.

First, let’s look at the benefits. First off, logs make for great insulation. These advantages stem mainly from their high thermal mass and low conductivity. The temperature inside your log home is less likely to fluctuate than it would be in a homemade from other materials because of the logs’ sluggish heat absorption and release rates. What does this imply for you? The simplest way to say it is that they help you control the temperature in your house all year round. There is a 30% decrease in energy use in a log home compared to a conventional stick-framed house, says the National Bureau of Standards. Many people are surprised to learn that log homes are really safer against fires than conventional “stick-constructed” structures. Because of all the wood, many people have the wrong impression. The larger size and thinner diameter of the logs used in the construction of a log home make them less combustible in the event of a fire. When using logs instead of 2x4s for the framework, the fire cannot wrap around the logs.

If that’s the style you’re into, log homes also have a lot going for them visually. While log homes certainly have that “rustic” vibe, they can also include features like soaring ceilings, modern kitchens, gorgeous fireplaces, central air and heat, good insulation, flexible floor plans, and low energy costs. Log homes and cottages are popular among those who want to project an image of rough simplicity. With a forested or mountainous backdrop, they shine brilliantly. If you prefer a less rustic look, however, there are numerous possibilities for modern interior decoration, design, and furniture that are perfectly suited to a log home. Having a log home on your property is a surefire way to make it stand out from the rest.