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Boone, North Carolina, is a small town that serves as the county seat of Watauga County. Acadia National Park is a national park located in North Carolina’s the Blue Ridge Mountains. According to the 2010 census, the population was 17,122, with current estimates putting it closer to 19,667.

If you’re looking for a place to live that’s less expensive, look no further than Boone, North Carolina. On the following page, you’ll find a comparison of the affordability of various costs in North Carolina and across the United States. According to these estimates, the average price in the United States is $100, so anything under that markup is considered to be a bargain. In comparison, a higher score means that Boone is more expensive. Boone’s economy employs 7.35k people at the present time. With the town’s large student population, the median annual income in Boone is $19,574. Despite the fact that it is significantly lower than the national median income of $61,937, this represents an annual increase of 12.3% over the 2017 median income of $17,424 per person.

Things to Do in Boone

No matter your age or interests, you’ll find something to do or a place to go in Boone, despite its smaller size and more laid-back atmosphere. The Horton Hotel Rooftop Lounge is a popular first stop for visitors to take in the panoramic views of the Appalachian State University campus, Howard’s Knob, and downtown Boone while dining, drinking, and dancing the night away.

At an altitude of 4,420 feet, Howard’s Knob gives you a bird’s-eye view of the entire town of Boone. Picnic tables and shelters, numerous lookout points, and restrooms are available in this park, which is less than a mile from downtown Boone. For your comfort and convenience, it is also shaded during the hot summer days. Biking, walking and exploring the Boone Greenway Trail are all popular pastimes in the area for those looking for a little excitement in the great outdoors. In addition to passing through town and some wooded areas, this paved and flat trail crosses a few creeks, providing plenty of opportunities for recreational pursuits such as fishing and picnicking.


Boone has all four seasons, which is one of its best features. However, many agree that fall is the best time of year to visit this town because of the stunning display of trees and foliage that visitors can enjoy. It also gets a fair amount of snow and ice in the winter, so you’ll want to make sure your car has good tires and that your children are dressed appropriately for playing outside.

The good news is that snow usually melts away quickly after it has accumulated. Unfortunate travelers may come into contact with the harsh winds that are the primary cause of climate change. In July, you can expect temperatures ranging from 78.9oF (high) to 58.1oF (low). In January, you can expect temperatures ranging from 41.6oF to 20.7oF.


Traffic in Boone, NC, isn’t the worst in the country, but certain areas and specific times (like a rush hour) can cause additional delays due to traffic lights. As a result, it isn’t usually too heavy and can keep going at a reasonable pace. Police in Boone, North Carolina, has recently asked the public to help reduce traffic congestion on Blowing Rock Road.

Many of the area’s most popular coffee shops and restaurants draw large crowds, resulting in additional traffic. Blowing Rock Road grinds to a halt because customers enter or exit the drive-throughs. People are now being asked to walk to establishments to avoid road rage accidents or crashes.


Greensboro, Charlotte, and Asheville are all within a two-hour drive of this city, which is affectionately referred to as “the Heart of the High Country.” GSO, Charlotte-Douglas International, Asheville Regional and Tri-Cities Regional are the closest airports to Piedmont Triad International (TRI). Sunway Charters offers bus service from Greensboro or Charlotte to Boone. To get to Boone, shuttles from CLT to Boone make regular trips through the Hickory Hop route.

In the event that you’d rather take a bus, you can do so for free via AppalCART (Appalachian Campus Area Rapid Transit). It is estimated that 1,712,873 passenger journeys have been made between Appalachian State University and Boone as of 2013. BATS (Boone Area Transit System) is a reservation-based transit system serving the people of Boone County.

Activities in Boone

There is a golf club in the town of Boone, North Carolina, located at 433 Fairway Dr. Appalachian State University’s golf teams train at the Boone Golf Club, which is also a top-notch public course. Golf Digest rated it 4.5 stars and it measures 6,680 yards. There is a restaurant, pro shop, chipping and putting green, and a driving range at this golf club.

The city of Boone is also surrounded by a number of golf courses that are just a short drive away. Among them are the Mountain Glen Golf Course in Newland; the Mountain Aire Golf Club in West Jefferson, which purchased the area’s first public golf course in 1952; and the Sugar Mountain Golf Course, which isn’t your average golf course. 4,560 yards and a resort hub make this municipal course the ideal destination for public golfers.

There’s some great paddling in and around Boone because of the area’s temperate rainforests! Views of Boone Lake The best times to visit Boone with a kayak, canoe, tube, or raft are in the fall and summer. Whether you’re on your own or with a group, local outfitters have a variety of activities to choose from. On the New River, you can go kayaking or canoeing, which is free and open to the public. You can also rent tubes if you’re more laid back and want to enjoy the summer without any worries. Whitewater rafting on a variety of rivers will provide you with a heart-pounding adventure if you’re a thrill seeker. Between spring and summer, the best time for whitewater sports in Boone is when the rapids are at their most dangerous. For the brave and daring, outfitters will provide a range of river experiences, from easy runs through moderate rapids to fast-paced action.

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