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Homes for Sales in Ashe County NCThree words come to mind when thinking about Ashe County in North Carolina: tranquil, friendly and respectful. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina’s Appalachia, Ashe County offers a relaxing atmosphere to all who live here, which is perfect for potential home buyers looking to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without the commotion of city life. At High Country Realty, we have homes for sale in West Jefferson, Lansing, Creston and more. To get a feel for Ashe County, let’s talk a bit about what the community has to offer!

The History of Ashe County, NC

History of Ashe County NCIn the centuries prior to the mid-18th century, the Appalachian Mountains comprised of various Native American nations such as Cherokee, Creek and Shawnee. Appalachia’s early residents enjoyed fairly simple lifestyles comprised of fishing and hunting. Between 1749 and 1752, separate surveying parties led by Peter Jefferson and Bishop Augustus Spangenberg helped establish clear borders between Virgina and North Carolina for early settlers, which helped mark Ashe County’s early English colonization history.

In the early 1770s just before the start of the Revolutionary War, the lands that later became Ashe County were popular hunting grounds for David Helton, William McLain, William Walling and even famous frontiersman, Daniel Boone. After the Revolutionary War, the previously established Franklin County collapsed under the weight of both Creek and Cherokee attacks and the departure of its founder, John Sevier, whose loyalty shifted back to North Carolina. In place of Franklin, Ashe County was established from the previously existing Wilkes County in 1799.

Ashe County saw tremendous growth throughout the 1800s as both the agricultural and mining industries grew. Copper mining, in particular, was exceptionally huge in Ashe County during this time, with the Ore Knob Mine having employed well over 700 miners by 1878. The Ore Knob Mine continued to thrive for almost another century after that, with the mine having operated until 1962 when it was shut down completely. Ten years later, the mine was purchased and established as a historical site.

Ashe County, NC Today

christmas tree at the White House from Ashe CountyToday, Ashe County thrives tourism, real estate, global manufacturing and – believe it or not – a booming Christmas Tree industry! With the North Carolina Fraser Fir being highly popular for its strong branches, soft needles, blue-green color and amazing scent, the tree is perfect for the living room during the holidays, capable of holding all kinds of ornaments. Though the North Carolina Fraser Fir grows naturally in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains, during the holidays, the tree finds its way into homes throughout the US and Canada, as well as the Caribbean Islands, and in countries like Japan and Mexico. Home owners in Ashe County have the unique privilege of living near naturally grown North Carolina Fraser Firs, as well as dozens of tree nurseries and farms.

The tourism industry in Ashe County is another major perk potential home buyers will enjoy. Ashe County has everything from heritage sites and events, outdoor recreational activities, a strong arts community, even agricultural tourism. West Jefferson’s main attractions include an Art District, Ashe County Cheese, Boondocks Brewing and Great Southern Gothic. Lansing has the Hickory Community Theatre, Farmington Antiques and Collectibles, Linville Caverns and Lucky Lou’s Tavern. Creston also has a few local treasures of its own such as the Historic Biltmore Village, the North Carolina Arboretum, the Flat Rock Playhouse, the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science. Wherever you are in Ashe County, there’s no shortage of things to do and places to visit as a resident.

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