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If you’re considering purchasing land in the North Carolina mountains, you may be wondering if it’s worth it. The answer to that question really depends on a few factors, such as what you plan to use the land for and your budget. That said, there are definitely some great reasons to buy land for sale NC mountains! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of those reasons and also offer some tips on which mountains in North Carolina are best for land purchase.

Is It Worth Buying Land?

When it comes to investing in any sort of real estate, including acreage or raw land, it’s important to weigh the value of the property with the cost. While there can be quite a bit of value in purchasing land with the intention of keeping it for the long term, such as creating a family estate, farm, ranch, or homestead, it’s important to do your research in advance and really understand the type of acreage you might be purchasing. For example, some types of land are much more valuable than others, more stable for future building and fertile with good drainage, and less rocky or prone to erosion.

Other factors to consider include practical notions such as where your water will come from—whether from a well or a city line. Will you have access to a wide road capable of transporting heavy equipment for development purposes? What are the county zoning regulations that your property falls within, and how will this impact your future plans? Are surrounding properties in well-maintained, in good shape, and relatively high in value? Remember, especially if you are living in a rural mountain region, you may end up relying on your neighbors at some point—whether it’s to borrow a cup of sugar so you don’t have to travel all the way to the nearest mercantile or digging your car out of a snowbank.

And before you even get to the assessment stage of your land-purchasing journey, it should be brought to your attention that often, securing a loan for land can be more difficult than getting approved for a loan for a developed home. This is because undeveloped land is often considered easier to walk away from than a place of residence, which makes the investment relatively uncertain in the eyes of the lender. As such, some lenders will typically require a down payment between 20%-60%. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and some may be more willing to offer special financing programs to work with you.

Once you’ve got a piece of acreage you’re confident is high value, you’ll want to consider you’re your intentions with the property: how long are you going to keep it? Do you plan to develop it? If so, when? Will you keep the whole parcel or divvy it up and sell areas? Are you planning on keeping the property until its value increases and then making a profit? In what ways will maintain the land, and how much will that cost? How will you tackle your annual tax payments?

Knowing how you plan to gain a return on your investment can mean the difference between long-term success and failure—so it’s definitely worth thinking this part through before you close on any deals.

In short, buying land is a fairly complex process that requires some careful and meticulous planning—however, if you make the decision to go ahead with some acreage after enough forethought, you can end up with an incredible investment not only for your retirement, but for your children—and maybe even their children—for years to come. It’s hard to imagine a better gift for your whole family than that.

Why You Should Invest in Land Now

It’s no secret that land is at a premium right now—and what’s more, it is also a finite resource, as our populations continue to rise, and we develop more and more wild and untouched spaces. This means that the land you purchase today will likely appreciate in value over time, making it an exceedingly valuable investment for those willing to play the long game. This makes investing in land one of the surest investments one can make and expect to make gains over time. Even if you don’t plan on developing your land or building on it in the near future, you can always lease your land to local farmers or ranchers—or build tiny homes or cabins for remote and charming Air BnB locations. What’s more, purchasing land provides property owners with the opportunity to hunt, fish, forage, garden, build an art or recording studio…the list goes on.

The sooner you can invest in land, the better. This resource is only going to become less abundant as time goes on.

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Best Mountains in North Carolina to Buy Land

With deep cultural roots rich with Appalachian history, area music, art, and a certain resilience and resourcefulness of these mountain folk, there’s a lot to love about North Carolina’s mountain towns. With mild winters, a thriving art and scene, and incomparable views of some of the most spectacular mountains in the United States, it’s no wonder North Carolina frequently attracts a wide array of demographics—from folks looking for a wholesome place to retire to young entrepreneurs or families. However, if you’re looking to start with a clean slate with raw land, it’s hard to beat the scenery that comes with land for sale NC mountains. Here are our three favorite places to develop roots of your own!

Green Hill

Especially if you’re planning on raising a family, Green Hill is a great place to settle and purchase some land to hang onto. While there’s not much for nightlife, it rates well for housing, family life, and diversity, with some above-average public schools in the area. While Green Hill is not the largest peak in the area, its elevation of roughly 1,040 feet still affords investors with spectacular views that they can cherish for many years.

Check out current listings in Green Hill here!

Fire Scale Mountain at Deep Gap

Significantly higher up than Green Hill, Fire Scale Mountain reaches a height of about 3,854 feet—serving up even more breathtaking views, especially in the fall seasons. The nearby unincorporated community of Deep Gap celebrates well known cultural icons like Arthel “Doc” Watson and Daniel Boone, that spent a significant amount of time in the area. The area is great for outdoor fun and is great for young families. For more on what makes Deep Gap great, check out our recent post on why we love this special area!

Check out current land listings in Deep Gap here, and here!

The Blowing Rock

Arching over 4,000 feet in elevation, this remarkable vantage point and peak got its name for the air current pushed upward against the rocky walls of the gorge below that inspired Ripley’s “Believe-It-Or-Not” to describe it as the only place in the world “where snow falls upside down.” Also visible from its peak are iconic views of Grandfather Mountain and Mount Mitchell, some of the highest mountaintops in the area. Blowing Rock is also regarded as one of the best places in North Carolina, particularly for families with children. It’s got a relatively safe crime rate, decent housing, with high-rated public schools.

Check out current NC land listings in Blowing Rock here, and also here!

Land for Sale NC Mountains

When it comes to settling in North Carolina, perhaps the quickest way to fall in love with the area and to come to understand the rich history of its Appalachian roots is to climb a mountain or two, should you visit. From the top of The Blowing Rock, “where snow falls upside down,” it’s hard not to feel a little bit of magic looking at the sweeping, lush landscape, rippling in hills and mountains, natural water sources and rivers, and the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway.

While it can seem intimidating at first to tackle the challenges that come with purchasing raw land, taking it step by step and taking each hurdle as it comes is the best way to tackle it—aside from working with an experienced and professional realtor. Want to know what High Country Realty can do for you to ensure you make a smart investment? Contact us today!