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cabin home west jefferson ncAshe County in North Carolina is one of the most tranquil places to call home, complete with friendly people who are welcoming to all who come visiting and those who are here to stay. For potential home buyers thinking about relocating to North Carolina, lots of questions tend to come to mind like which areas are the most affordable, which neighborhoods are the safest to live in, as well as what some of the local attractions are. Luckily for potential home buyers, Ashe County has a lot to offer on those fronts, and at High Country Realty, we have homes for sale in West Jefferson, Lansing and Creston.

Is Ashe County NC Affordable?

By the end of 2021, home prices in Ashe County, NC were listed at a median of $335K with the median house sold at $273K. Additionally, Ashe County has a cost-of-living index of 82, which is below the US national average of 100. As such, Ashe County is one of the most affordable counties to live in.

What is Ashe County NC Known For?

History of West JeffersonHistorically, Ashe County, NC was home to the Cherokee, Creek and Shawnee Indians, who thrived on a lifestyle comprised fishing and hunting. It was also the favorite hunting grounds of famous frontiersman Daniel Boone, along with David Helton, William McLain and William Walling.

After the American Revolution, Ashe County developed strong agricultural and mining industries with the most famous mine being the Ore Knob Mine. The mine employed over 700 miners by late 19th century and remained in operation until the mid-20th century. Since 1972, the Ore Knob Mine is one of Ashe County’s most famous historical sites.

Modern life in Ashe County thrives strongly on the tourism and Christmas tree industries. Some of Ashe County’s most famous tourist attractions include Ashe County Cheese, Lucky Lou’s Tavern and the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. Ashe County also thrives on a strong real estate market, a booming art community and is a global manufacturer of goods.

What Cities Are in Ashe County NC?

west jefferson in ashe countyAshe County, NC has three major cities: Jefferson, West Jefferson and Lansing. Out of the three, Jefferson is the largest city with a population of 1,534 as of 2020 with West Jefferson following close behind it with a population of 1,313. Lansing is by far the smallest city with a population of only 154.

As the largest city located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Jefferson has been called “the heart of Ashe County.” Historically, Jefferson started out as a hamlet in 1799 and was named after Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States. During the early 20th century, Jefferson enjoyed a thriving timber industry, namely between 1910 and 1930.

Today, Jefferson is home to Ashe County’s government, the Museum of Ashe County History and Mountain View Elementary School. Jefferson is also 33 minutes away from Appalachian State University located in Boone, NC, and 45 minutes away from the Wilkes Community College main campus located in Wilkesboro, NC. There’s also a WCC satellite campus located in the nearby city of West Jefferson.

Jefferson’s next-door neighbor, West Jefferson, is a thriving city of its own. Established as a town in 1915, West Jefferson’s earlier history originally thrived on the railroad industry, which primarily transported lumber and offered passenger services. West Jefferson’s main railroad was the Virginia-Carolina Railroad, which was also nicknamed “The Virginia-Carolina Railroad.”

After the timber and railroad industries dwindled in the 1970s, West Jefferson shifted its economic focus to the tourism industry and a strong arts community, which really kicked off in the 1990s. Today, West Jefferson’s tourist attractions include the Arts District, Ashe County Cheese and Boondocks Brewing. Some schools in West Jefferson include Westwood Elementary School, Ashe County High School, Ashe Early College and Early Learning Center.

Lansing also began its early history in the late 19th century, originally as a small trading post for its local residents and was also home of the original Lansing School, first built in 1889. By the early 20th century, Lansing also thrived on the lumber and railroad industries and was also served by Virginia-Carolina Railroad like West Jefferson.

The Bank of Lansing was also established in 1916, and with the emergence of a booming economy by the early 1920s, Lansing became an official town in 1928. After the decline of both the railroad and lumber industries in the late 20th century, Lansing’s economy also shifted towards a strong tourism industry. Today, Lansing also thrives on both walking and biking trails.

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