Everything you need to know about Blowing Rock, NC

Blowing Rock is a popular destination for North Carolina residents, out of state guests, and Floridians.

Read on to learn more about this community.

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What Blowing Rock, NC, is known for

Blowing Rock is a thriving town with things to do, places to eat, and sights to see. It’s known for being a tourist destination to those in North Carolina, other states, and Florida. It has a population of 1,418, but many more visit from other locations.

The legend goes that two lovers were walking along and when the man became distraught over receiving a return-to-battle notice, he threw himself over the cliff. The woman prayed to the Great Spirit to return her lover, and the Spirit complied by sending a gust of wind that blew the man back up the cliff and landed him safely on the blowing rock. It’s a fictional story, but it shows how the logo and sign came to be at the entrance of the town.

Things to do in Blowing Rock, NC

There are plenty of things to do in Blowing Rock. A few highlights are:

  • Blue Ridge Parkway. Drive with the windows down and take in mountain air and views.
  • Glen Burney Falls and Glen Marie Falls. Hikes to two waterfalls.
  • Tweetsie Railroad. A tourist destination for families.

Other fun things to do here are…

The Blowing Rock

The best thing to do while here is to visit The Blowing Rock overlook. Get to it from Hwy 321. Pay the fee, walk the trail, see the overlook, and stop at the gift shop.


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Moses H Cone Memorial Park

This historic home has overlooks, trails, and horseback riding trails. The large white manor was once home to Moses Cone, an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Today, you can walk the fire tower trail, passed the blowing meadows, to the top of a nearby mountain.


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Blowing Rock Art & History Museum

Tour exhibits, gain information, and learn at this local art museum. Local artists paint, illustrate, and snap pictures for the visitors to enjoy.


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Places to eat in Blowing Rock, NC

Three local favorites are featured below, but a few highlights are…

Other places to eat at are…

Storie Street Grille

This upscale restaurant serves trout, pasta, flatbread, mussels, and fried green tomatoes. This upscale dining experience is perfect for a quiet romantic evening.


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Famous Toastery Blowing Rock

Stop for some country breakfast cooking at this local brunch spot. Don’t forget to try the bacon, potatoes, and gravy!


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The Speckled Trout Restaurant and Bottle Shop

This one-of-a-kind restaurant serves trout, chicken and dumplings, venison, grits, and johnnycake. When you want finer dining, this is it.


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Demographics of Blowing Rock, NC

As of the census of 2000, there were 1,418 people residing in the town.

  • 15.0% under the age of 18
  • 4.9% from 18 to 24
  • 20.0% from 25 to 44
  • 34.1% from 45 to 64
  • 26.0% 65 years or older

Why you want to move to Blowing Rock, NC

Aside from the beautiful mountain views along the edge of the town, Blowing Rock has restaurants and things to do in the city. You’ll always have something to do in this bustling — yet quaint — town.

Images of Blowing Rock, NC


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History of Blowing Rock, NC

This area was first visited by Bishop August Gottlieb Spangenberg of the Moravian Church before 1752. The Greenes were the first family to settle in Blowing Rock in the mid-19th century.

Blowing Rock was a safe haven from Civil War fighting in the 1860s. Fierce fighting ensued all around the North Carolina mountains, yet it remained an escape from the war until fighting ceased and soldiers returned to their families in this town.

After the war, summer residents from Lenior and other towns traveled to Blowing Rock to escape the heat to enjoy the cooler mountain air. The small town of 300 saw its potential and decided to become incorporated on March 11, 1889. The town’s first mayor was “Uncle” Joe Clarke.

The tourist industry grew in Blowing Rock. They realized the need for infrastructure to handle the incoming visitors. Thus, new roads were built and paved streets were covered with cement. Another issue was wandering farm animals would enter the town and disturb the visitors, so new fences were installed.

As roads were improved, people as far as Florida came to this little town to escape the heat and enjoy the cool mountain air.

Today, Blowing Rock remains a tourist destination for visitors from all over the United States.

Homes for sale in Blowing Rock, NC

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