Everything you need to know about Todd, NC

Todd is 20 minutes north of Boone and 20 minutes south of West Jefferson.

Read on to learn more about this community.

Todd NC Homes for Sale
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What Todd, NC, is known for

Almost a century ago, the city of Todd was a thriving timber extraction and mining town. With the destroying of forests, the company started to lose money because there were fewer trees to cut. By World War II, the company went under and a flood in 1940 destroyed many buildings.

Today, Todd is a vacation spot for out-of-town visitors and a secluded residential area.

Things to do in Todd, NC

RiverGirl Fishing Co.

A rental service for kayaks, canoes, and tubes; private fishing trips; and bike excursions. Join them on the South Fork of the New River in Todd where fun and fishing flow.


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Walter & Anne Cook Memorial Park

A park area with a covered space for concerts and gatherings. Head to the Elk Creek or the shore of the South Fork New River for a quick cool off or fishing trip during summer.


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Green Valley Community Park

Green Valley Community Park is a multipurpose community park with a picnic shelter, permanent restroom facilities, playground equipment, multipurpose playing fields, hiking trails, and a canoe ramp — all by the South Fork New River.


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Places to eat in Todd, NC

Todd Mercantile

A bakery and gift shop serving cinnamon rolls, cookies, and gluten-free pastries with coffee and tea. An event area allows for crafts and gatherings.


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The Todd General Store

A quaint little store with new owners, Matt and Andrea. They serve a delicious pimento cheese biscuit. Scoop up some ice cream on a warm afternoon.


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Demographics of Todd, NC

The population in Todd is 2,177. There are 41 people per square mile. The median age in Todd is 49.3. The number of people per household in Todd is 2.5.

  • 66.9% are married
  • 10.1% are divorced
  • 25.6% are married with children
  • 8.7% single with children

Why you want to move to Todd, NC

The town of Todd has outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes. If you live here, you’ll always have something to do in all seasons:

  • Winter: skiing
  • Spring: fishing
  • Summer: tubing
  • Fall: hiking

Images of Todd, NC


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History of Todd, NC

We need to go back to the late 18th century when talking about the history of Todd. It was originally a rural outpost called Elk Cross Roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Farmers populated this backcountry. A church, named South Fork Baptist Church, was established in 1833 and a Post Office was established in 1837.

The community grew in the latter half of the 19th century when large scale timber harvesting and mining of mica and copper thrived in the area. By the 1890s, Todd was larger than the nearby town of Boone in Watauga County. The timber boom in the early 20th century really put Todd on the map. The railroad took timber out of the town. At the peak of the boom, Todd boasted two doctors, a dentist, one bank, seven stores, three mills, and two hotels.

The timber company started to lose money in the delivery process because most of the mountains in the valley were stripped of all trees. Thus, needing further tracks into the forests. By the Great Depression, the train pulled up the tracks, the Bank of Todd was liquidated and the town’s commerce all but vanished in a few years. A flood washed away buildings and evidence of what happened here.

By World War II, only a handful of businesses remained. The North Carolina General Assembly formally revoked the town’s charter in the 1970s.

The town has seen an emergence of life driven by cultural tourism and second-home communities.

Homes for sale in Todd, NC

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